Common Buckeye [Junonia coenia]

Spiderwort [Tradescantia sp.]

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Liguus fasciatus Müller 1774 and Orthalicus floridensis Pilsbry, 1891Otala punctata (Müller, 1774)Strombus alatus Gmelin, 1791 Living Juvenile In Situ

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Families & Genera
Selected Worldwide Conidae      The Family Personidae     The Family Ranellidae     The Family Strombidae
The Family Rostellariidae       The "Whelks" - Subfamily Busyconinae Wade, 1917       The Genus Morum Worldwide

  The "Tulips" Of The Western Atlantic (Family Fasciolariidae)


Assorted Worldwide Aquatic Species Freshwater Bivalves Of The United States
Spiketop Applesnail (Pomacea diffusa) In North FL The Channeled Applesnail In Northeast Florida

The Florida Applesnail (Pomacea paludosa)


Assorted Worldwide Terrestrial Species Brown Garden Snail [Cornu aspersum (Müller, 1774)]
Cuban Terrestrial Mollusks Dominican Republic Terrestrial Mollusks
Alabama Land Snail Gallery Tennessee Land Snail Gallery
Florida Land Snail Gallery - A Pictorial Genus Daedalochila In The Southeastern U. S.
Kentucky Land Snail Gallery Liguus fasciatus In Florida
Miraculous Diplomat Snails - Family Diplommatinidae North Carolina Land Snail Gallery
Northeast Florida Slug Page  
Otala punctata (Müller, 1774) In Nassau Co., FL Rosy Wolfsnail - Euglandina rosea - A Pictorial
Selected Vertiginid Species The Genus Amphidromus
The Genus Cerion The Genus Stenotrema Rafinesque, 1815

The Genus Triodopsis

The Partulidae Of French Polynesia

The Six Euconulus Species Of The Eastern U. S.

The World's Ugliest Land Snail Collector

Western Atlantic & Florida Marine

Drift Diving The Gulf Stream With Linda Ianniello

Florida State Shell [Triplofusus giganteus] Fossil Micromollusks Of The Lower Pinecrest beds, Florida
Jacksonville's Best Shelling Bets Mytella charruana (Charrua Mussel) In Duval Co., FL
 Northeast Florida Epitonium (Wentletraps) Oliva Of The Western Atlantic
On The Beach Perna viridis (Asian Green Mussel) In Duval Co., FL
Selected Opisthobranch Mollusks From Florida Waters Selected Images Of Western Atlantic Bivalves

Selected Western Atlantic Caecum

Selected Images Of Western Atlantic Gastropods

Selected Western Atlantic Polyplacophora (Chitons)

The Crown conch - Melongena corona

Pacific & Western America

Live From Western America Micro-Mollusks From The Tuamotu Archipelago

Philippine Rissoinidae And Zebinidae

Philippine Triphoridae (43 species) - HTML Version

Philippine Triphoridae (43 species) - PDF Version

Selected Indo-Pacific Mollusks

Selected Mollusks Of Western America

South African Cerithiopsidae

South African Fissurellidae

South African Pyramidellidae

Triphoridae Species From South Africa and Mozambique

Turrids Of The Philippines

Alaska & Aleutian Islands

Echinoderms Of Alaska And The Aleutian Islands

Mollusks Of Alaska And The Aleutian Islands

Polyplacophora (Chitons) Of The North American Pacific Coast

Mollusk Checklists

Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao Islands Marine Mollusks Biscayne National Park Marine Mollusk Checklist

Cedar Key Marine Mollusk Checklist 

Coral Cove Marine Mollusk Checklist

Cumulative Checklist Of Cayman Is. Marine Mollusks

Hobe Sound Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Marine Mollusk Checklist

Kice Island Marine Mollusk Checklist

Louisiana Offshore Mollusks

Northeast Florida Aquatic Mollusks 

Northeast Florida Marine Mollusks

Northeast Florida Terrestrial Mollusks

Northwest Florida Marine Mollusk Checklist

Peanut Island Marine Mollusk Checklist

South Hutchison Island Marine Mollusk Checklist

Sunset Beach, North Carolina Marine Mollusk Checklist

Highlights Among Northeast Florida Non-marine Mollusk Survey Locations (with species listing)

Anne's (Exotic) Butterflies          In The Forest           Listing Of All State Shells         Recent Indo-Pacific Triphorids
Reverse Coiled Gastropods      Selected Deep Water Mollusks Of The World      S. Peter Dance's "Rare Shells"

Selected Images Of Eastern Atlantic Gastropods      Selected Rissoidae Of The Mediterranean Sea

      Selected Rissoidae Of South Africa     The Journal Avicennia Demystified      Worldwide Shell Links

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