N. E. Florida Aquatic Mollusks

- 56 native; 12 introduced: 68 species in toto. | Updated on 10/5/2016 -

Northeast Florida Map

     The following is a thorough inventory of the freshwater (including estuarine*) mollusks collected in Northeast Florida (the counties of Nassau, Duval, Clay, and St. Johns) by Harry G. Lee from 1975 to present. The final grouping is comprised of introduced species. Phylogenetic arrangement follows most contemporary authors.

Vitta usnea (Röding, 1798) Olive Nerite

Campeloma floridense (Call, 1886) Purple-throat Campeloma

Estuarine* Bivalves

Estuarine* Snails

Freshwater Snails

Freshwater Bivalves

Melanoides  cf. turricula (I. Lea, 1850) Fawn Melania

Pomacea diffusa Blume, 1957 Spiketop Applesnail

Melanoides tuberculata (Müller, 1774)

* some "marine" species overlap with this zone, and habitat assignment is arbitrary.

** taxa (or common names) not listed in Turgeon, D. D., J. F. Quinn, Jr., A. E. Bogan, E. V. Coan, F. G. Hochberg, W. G. Lyons, P. M. Mikkelsen, R. J. Neves, C. F. E. Roper, G. Rosenberg, B. Roth, A. Scheltema, F. G. Thompson,M. Vecchione, and J. D. Williams, 1998. Common and scientific names of aquatic invertebrates from the United States and Canada: mollusks, 2nd edition. American Fisheries Society, Special Publication 26, Bethesda, Maryland.