The Genus Daedalochila In The Southeastern United States

Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) on the top and Daedalochila uvulifera (Shuttleworth, 1852) on the bottom

    Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) on the top and Daedalochila uvulifera (Shuttleworth, 1852) on the bottom. All specimens are from Jacksonville, Florida.

    The pulmonate landsnail genus Daedalochila Beck (1837: 21), the topic of this station on the website, is based on Polygyra auriculata and P. avara, both named by Thomas Say (1818: 277; 277-278 respectively). Herrmannsen (1847 [Dec. 7]: 369) restricted the type to the former taxon.

    The fullest appreciation of the type species of any genus is critical to comprehension of the boundaries of that group of species. Indeed, authentic material of all named members of the genus is basic to the understanding the range of variation of each species in the group.  For the best perception of phylogenetic relationships within any taxonomic group, certain principles are indispensable: examination of material collected at, or as close as possible to, type localities of named taxa[see, for example, Daedalochila auriculata topotype locality]; the examination of large suites of specimens; and the integration of several taxonomic tools (e.g., shell characters, ecological and zoogeographic factors, soft anatomical characters, and even genetic/molecular attributes). The purpose of these Daedalochila pages is to depict and analyze the taxonomy of this genus, beginning with its type species, and extending into other named and likely un-named congeners.

    This will be an ongoing project, and it will, of necessity, combine original fieldwork, literature review, and some elements of modern systematics. Attention will be paid to those principles enunciated above, but emphasis will be on conchological, ecological and zoogeographical study. More sophisticated studies by professional zoologists at the University of Florida using material generated by this project (preserved soft parts for anatomic dissection and for genetic/molecular analysis) will supplement our determinations. Perspectives generated by the latter technologies will inform an integrated phylogeny. It is uncertain if the more traditional tools we are utilizing will prove as powerful as more modern methods in understanding the natural relationships among these engaging little snails, but we confidently predict there will be a significant revision of their current systematic treatment as a result of our labors.

    In deference to the scientists involved in this project, specific details on collection localities, results of anatomical and molecular studies, and the proposal of any new scientific names will not be posted to these pages until after publication of those aspects of the study in the peer-reviewed literature.

Beck, H., 1837-1838. Index Molluscorum praesentis aevis Musei Principis Augustissimi Christiani Frederici. Copenhagen. [1837: pp. 1-100; 1838:  pp. 101-124; 1-8].

Herrmannsen, A. N., 1846-1847. Indicis Generum Malacozoorum Primordia, Nomina subgenerum, generum .... vol. 1. Theodor Fischer, Cassell. pp. i-xxvii + 1-637. Sept. 1-July 17 (in 6 parts) Online at <>.

Say, T., 1818. Account of two new genera and several new species, of fresh water and land shells. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 1(2): 276-284. July.

Compendium Of Daedalochila Type Material

    Digital photography of the type material was performed by Paul Callomon, Collections Manager, Division of Malacology, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and, for MCZ specimens, Webmaster Bill Frank.

Page One (auriculata, auriformis, avara) | Page Two (bicornuta, carolina, espiloca)

Page Three (hausmani, margueritae, peninsulae) | Page Four (postelliana, senecta, striata)

Page Five (subclausa)

Daedalochila Side-by-side Species Comparisons

Side-by-side comparison of Daedalochila auriculata, D. bicornuta, D. uvulifera striata and D. sp. aff. subclausa

Side-by-side comparison of Daedalochila uvulifera, D. peninsulae, D. sp. aff. hausmani and D. postelliana carolina

Side-by-side comparison of Daedalochila uvulifera striata, D. peninsulae (FL), D. delecta and D. subclausa (AL)
Side-by-side comparison of Daedalochila peninsulae and D. hausmani
Side-by-side comparison of Daedalochila auriformis, D. uvulifera, D. avara
Comparison of the lectotypes of Daedalochila auriculata and Daedalochila bicornuta
Comparison of St. Johns County Daedalochila subclausa with D. subclausa lectotype and D. peninsulae holotype
Comparison of Polygyra postelliana subclausa Pilsbry, 1899 (lectotype), Daedalochila subclausa (St. Johns Co.). D. sp. aff. subclausa variant A, and D. sp. aff. subclausa variant B

Daedalochila Species Comparisons With Distribution Maps

Daedalochila bicornuta and D. auriculata comparison with distribution map
Daedalochila uvulifera and D. bicornuta comparison with distribution map

Fossil Daedalochila

Highlands County, Florida

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Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) Ocala Liptooth Daedalochila auriformis (Bland, 1859)
Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) Daedalochila auriformis (Bland, 1859)
Ocala Liptooth Rockpile Liptooth
Daedalochila avara (Say, 1818) Florida Liptooth Daedalochila bicornuta (Pilsbry, 1900) Two-horn Liptooth
Daedalochila avara (Say, 1818) Daedalochila bicornuta (Pilsbry, 1900)
Florida Liptooth Two-horn Liptooth
Daedalochila delecta (Hubricht, 1976) Gulf Hammock Liptooth Daedalochila hausmani (Jackson, 1948) Dixie Liptooth
Daedalochila delecta (Hubricht, 1976) Daedalochila hausmani (Jackson, 1948)
Gulf Hammock Liptooth Dixie Liptooth
Daedalochila sp. aff. hausmani (Jackson, 1948) Straight-edge Liptooth Daedalochila peninsulae (Pilsbry, 1940)
Daedalochila sp. aff. hausmani (Jackson, 1948) Daedalochila peninsulae (Pilsbry, 1940)
Straight-edge Liptooth St. Johns Liptooth
Daedalochila sp. aff. peninsulae (Pilsbry, 1940) Panasoffkee Liptooth Daedalochila postelliana (Bland, 1859) Coastal Liptooth
 Daedalochila sp. aff. peninsulae (Pilsbry, 1940) Daedalochila postelliana (Bland, 1859)
Panasoffkee  Liptooth Coastal Liptooth
Daedalochila postelliana carolina (Pilsbry, 1940) Daedalochila subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899) Suwannee Liptooth
Daedalochila postelliana carolina (Pilsbry, 1940) Daedalochila subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899)
  Suwannee Liptooth
Daedalochila sp. aff. subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899) variant A, cf. Suwannee Liptooth Daedalochila sp. aff. subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899) variant B, cf. Suwannee Liptooth
Daedalochila sp. aff. subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899) variant A Daedalochila sp. aff. subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899) variant B
 cf. Suwannee Liptooth  cf. Suwannee Liptooth
Daedalochila uvulifera (Shuttleworth, 1852) Peninsula Liptooth
Daedalochila sp. aff. subclausa (Pilsbry, 1899) variant C Daedalochila uvulifera (Shuttleworth, 1852)
 cf. Suwannee Liptooth Peninsula Liptooth