Daedalochila postelliana (Bland, 1859) Coastal Liptooth [sensu lato]

    The map below, using color coding, depicts counties where Daedalochila postelliana has been recorded. It is based on material in the Harry G. Lee collection, then augmented first by records reported by Hubricht,1985* combined with those of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago (FMNH), next by holdings of Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville (FLMNH), and finally those of the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ, Harvard University <http://mczbase.mcz.harvard.edu/SpecimenSearch.cfm>). All institutional holdings have been evaluated on-site. Records include specimens assigned to D. carolina and D. espiloca.

Daedalochila postelliana (Bland, 1859) Coastal Liptooth Distribution Map

Daedalochila postelliana (Bland, 1859) Coastal Liptooth

    Francis Marion National Forest, FR 212 ca. 2.5 mi E. Honey Hill (GPS: 33.1969N 079.5191W (WGS-84 Datum)) Charleston Co., South Carolina. John Slapcinsky! 28 May, 2010. (8.9 mm.)
*Hubricht, L., 1985, The distributions of the native land mollusks of the Eastern United States. Fieldiana 24(1359): pp. 1-191 + viii. June 28.


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