Compendium of Daedalochila type material - a pictorial gallery (page three)
Polygyra postelliana hausmani Jackson, 1948 Polygyra uvulifera margueritae Pilsbry, 1936 Polygyra postelliana peninsulae Pilsbry, 1940
 Holotype ANSP 184045a Perry to Cross City [US 19], Citrus and Taylor Cos., FL; Frank Hausman! 6.6 mm; 3.2 mm  Lectotype ANSP 166479a Pompano, Broward Co., FL; Marguerite Robinson! 16.2; 10.0 mm.  Holotype ANSP 57081a near Lake Helen, Volusia Co., FL; G. W. Webster! 7.5 mm; 4.0 mm.