The Genus Triodopsis - Page Two

The specimens are uniformly magnified.

Row 1: Triodopsis platysayoides (Brooks, 1933) Cheat Threetooth (Monongalia Co., WV - Field Museum of Natura History (FMNH) 266693); T. complanata (Pilsbry, 1898) Glossy Threetooth (Pulaski Co., KY - FMNH 266277); and T. burchi Hubricht, 1950 Pittsylvania Threetooth (Roanoke Co., VA - FMNH 266240).
Row 2: T. picea Hubricht, 1958 Spruce Knob Threetooth (Pocahontas Co. WV - FMNH 266426); T. anteridon Pilsbry, 1940 Carter Threetooth (Wyoming Co., WV - FMNH 264768); T. pendula Hubricht, 1952 Hanging Rock Threetooth (Iredell Co., NC - FMNH 266352); and T. henriettae (Mazck, 1877) Pineywoods Threetooth (Brazoria Co., TX - FMNH 266325).
Row 3: T. rugosa Brooks and MacMillan, 1940 Buttressed Threetooth (Logan Co., WV - FMNH 264690); T. claibornensis Lutz, 1950 Claiborne Threetooth (Campbell Co., TN - FLMNH 264399); T. cragini Call, 1886 Post Oak Threetooth (Claiborne Parish, LA - FMNH 266248); and T. fulciden Hubricht, 1952 Dwarf Threetooth (Catawba Co., NC - [PARATYPE] FMNH 266316).
We thank Drs. Jochen Gerber and Stephanie Clark of the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago) for assistance in the production of this plate.


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