Amphidromus maculiferus (Sowerby, 1838)

    Range: Mindanao, Samal, Basilan, Lampinigan, Bohol, SW Leyte, Camotes, and possibly Samar Island - all in the Philippines. An extremely variable species which has not been collected much recently. Probably one of the most endangered species of Amphidromus as deforestation is prevalent in the Philippines. There are almost 20 named forms. Dextral or sinistral but most populations are predominantly sinistral.

Amphidromus maculiferus cotabatensis Bartsch, 1917

Amphidromus maculiferus cotabatensis Bartsch, 1917

 Colina Hill, Cotabato Province, Mindanao Island, Philippines. Collected in 1940 (56 mm.)

Amphidromus maculiferus boholensis Bartsch, 1917

Pasong, Bohol Island, Philippines. At the tops of tall trees (54 mm.)