Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) On Old St. Augustine Road In Duval County, Florida

   During a field survey on 6/6/2010, land snail enthusiast Brian Marshall discovered a population of Daedalochila auriculata near the bridge over the headwaters of Julington Creek on Old St. Augustine Road. In addition, during the same visit, Brian discovered a population of Daedalochila peninsulae (Pilsbry, 1940) St. Johns Liptooth at the same location. This reporter and Harry G. Lee visited the site the same date, and cumulatively a total of three empty D. auriculata adult shells and numerous empty sub-adult and juvenile shells were found in the roadside swale on the southwestern approach to the bridge (GPS: 30.08405N 081.33268W - WGS-84 Datum). Sample of adult specimens During the following week this reporter made three follow-up visits to the site and found many additional empty D. auriculata shells but live specimens remained elusive. Finally on 6/12/2010, Brian revisited the site and found two living specimens - one adult and one large juvenile - thus proving that a living colony was in fact present.

    Further surveys of the site between Brian's initial visit and 6/19/2010 revealed that the species is also present in the swale on the northwestern bridge approach to Julington Creek as well as along the bank of a small creek in the forest on the south side of the road a considerable distance from the initial discovery. Some six years after the initial discovery (May, 2016) empty Daedalochila auriculata shells were also discovered on the southeast and northeast bridge approaches to Julington Creek. Additionally, a limited number of empty Daedalochila uvulifera (Shuttleworth, 1852) Peninsula Liptooth shells were also found on the southeastern bridge approach.

    Harry Lee peruses the Daedalochila habitat on Old St. Augustine Road. The view is to the east towards Julington Creek and Interstate 95.


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