(L) Vertigo gouldii (A. Binney, 1843)* 1.85 mm.

(R) Vertigo bollesiana (Morse, 1865) 1.65 mm.

    Collected together in leaf litter, mixed woods near marble quarry swimming area in the valley of the West Branch of the Batten Kill, E side of VT Rte. 30, 1.6 mi. SE Dorset, Bennington Co., VT by H. Lee on 11 Sept., 2004. The distinction between these two species was apparently questioned until Pilsbry (1919: 101-102), who attributed this comparison to Morse: "it [Vertigo bollesiana] is smaller, lighter-colored and more translucent than V. gouldii, and it is less distinctly striated [H.A.P. italics]. The teeth are smaller, especially the palatals." Pilsbry also noted the "rather large oblique depression over the palatal fold," which is starkly demonstrated in the dorsal perspective in the lower right; this view has not appeared in the literature.

* Amos Binney (1843: 105) named his new species Pupa gouldii. Although many later authors rendered the species epithet "gouldi," that spelling constitutes an incorrect subsequent spelling or an unjustified emendation, and the binomen Vertigo gouldi is unavailable for purposes of taxonomic nomenclature (ICZN, 1999: 42-43; Article 33.3).

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Photography by H. Lee