Pomacea diffusa Depositing Egg Clutch

    Late the next evening (6/9/2007) at about 11:00 PM, the female again crawled up the side of the bucket and began depositing a second egg clutch. However, the end result was quite abbreviated as compared to the previous night's effort.

Pomacea diffusa depositing egg clutch

Pomacea diffusa egg clutch

    The egg clutch deposited by the female on June 8th (see previous page) hatched en mass during the early morning hours of June 22nd. The very active hatchlings readily fed upon Romaine lettuce when it was presented to them. None of the eggs in the abbreviated egg clutch (shown above) subsequently hatched. Some of the hatchlings, 15 days old, are shown below.

Pomacea diffusa hatchlings


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