Probably Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, 1822) In Drainage System Just West Of Philips Highway

    During a terrestrial snail survey in Duval County on July 18, 2018, this reporter discovered a probable Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, 1822) population in a small drainage system at the south end of Historic Kings Road South at the intersection of Lourcey Road. This location is immediately west of Philips Highway (Route US-1) and between Sunbeam and Shad Roads. A modest number of Channeled Apple Snail egg clutches were present on two concrete box culverts as well as vegetation in and adjacent to the drainage system. Five living snails were ultimately collected from this area. From the cited location the drainage system extends generally west south west crossing beneath Hood Road before entering a residential area where it is spanned by Upson and Rena Drives before ending at Hawks Hollow Road. Pomacea egg clutches were present for the entire distance. In the residential area there was a shortage of suitable locations for the snails to deposit their egg clutches so they improvised and deposited them on St. Augustine Grass in the lawns of the residences immediately adjacent to the water (see image below, left) - not an ideal situation for species propagation.

    From the Lourcey Road site the drainage system flows southeast into a forested swampy area paralleling the the nearby Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad tracks before crossing under the tracks and intersecting and crossing under Philips Highway in the 9300 block before literally disappearing into an impassible swampy area. Pomacea egg clutches were found in the forested swampy area paralleling the tracks but no evidence of Pomacea was found at the location where the waterway flows easterly under Philips Highway. However,  Pomacea egg clutches were found in a small roadside ditch in the swale on the west side of Philips Highway about 50 yards to the southeast (see image below, right) confirming that the snails are much more widespread than found thus far.

Location where the Channeled Apple Snail egg clutches were initially found

Location where the Channeled Apple Snail egg clutches were initially found

The two live specimens found are pictured below.

Channeled Apple Snail Habitat In Residential Area Near Rena Drive West Of Hood Road    Channeled Apple Snail Egg Clutches In The Roadside Swale In The 9300 Block Of Philips Highway


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