Mollusks Of Alaska And The Aleutian Islands

    All images/specimens by Roger N. Clark and collected by NOAA/NMFS chartered fishing vessels on Alaska Fisheries Science Center (Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering Division) Trawl Surveys - unless otherwise indicated. Pictured below is NOAA/NMFS Chartered 125 ft. trawler R/V (F/V) Vesteraalen.

NOAA/NMFS chartered fishing vessel R/V Vesteraalen


Lepidozona beringiana Clark, 2000 Neomenia yamamotoi Baba, 1975 "Giant Solenogaster" Solamen columbiana (Dall, 1897)
Polyplacophora Aplacophora Miscellaneous Bivalves
Cranopsis major (Dall, 1891) Margarites species Trichotropis borealis Broderip & Sowerby, 1829
Fissurellidae Trochidae Capulidae
Orange Velutinid Cryptonatica sp. Scabrotrophon rossica (Egorov, 1993)
Velutinidae (Lamellariidae) Naticidae Muricidae
Beringius species A Arctomelon tamikoae Kasuge, 1970 Volutomitra alaskana Dall, 1902
Buccinidae Volutidae Volutomitridae
Aforia kincaidi (Dall, 1919) Cerithiopsis stejnegeri Dall, 1884 Aleutian Islands Scenery
Turridae Miscellaneous Gastropod Mollusks Alaska | Aleutian Scenery