Ebala species

         Careliopsis octona sensu Jong and Coomans, 1988 (131; sp. no. 680; pl. 21, fig. 680) not Turbonilla (Eulimella) [sect. Stylopsis] octona of Guppy in Guppy and Dall, 1897 (317; pl. 27, fig, 6); see fig. 1 below.
         Ebala resticula sensu Deng, 2011 (165-166; sp. no. 638; figs. 638) not Eulimella (Stylopsis) resticula of Dall, 1889 (338 [unfigured]); see fig. 2 below.
         Bacteridium bermudense sensu Redfern, 2013 (246; sp. no. 693; figs. 693A, B) not Turbonilla (Careliopsis) bermudensis of Dall and Bartsch, 1911 (279; pl. 1, fig. 4); see fig 3 below.

Ebala species

 Beach drift, Billy's Bay, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica (1.9 mm) . Digital images by David Kirsh.

Review of the ORIGINAL descriptions and available authentic figures illustrations (see figs 1-3) of the three species indicated above reveals very similar heteroaxial hyperstrophic protoconchs but shells otherwise distinguishable from the specimen figured above, which was collected by David. Turbonilla (Stylopsis) octona (fig. 2) is a smooth shell with rather similar oblique sutures, but the broader initial whorls differ significantly. Both Eulimella (Stylopsis) resticula and Turbonilla (Careliopsis) bermudensis of Dall and Bartsch, 1911 (figs. 1 and 3 respectively) have a less attenuated profile, less oblique sutures, and a distinct spiral sculpture. These three and David Kirsh's shell above, which seems to have been misattributed to each of them in the literature, belong in the murchisonellid genus Ebala [+ Bacteridium] rather than the pyramidellid genera Careliopsis, Eulimella, Stylopsis, or Turbonilla to which they'd been variously assigned over the years.

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Stylopsis] octona

Eulimella (Stylopsis) resticula

Turbonilla (Careliopsis) bermudensis