Pinecrest Hammock 19

All specimens below were collected between 1937 and 1940.

These five shells show the color and pattern cline within a given population and illustrate the common problem with being able to pigeonhole an accurate name.  The two shells on the left approach Liguus fasciatus marmoratus while the shell on the far right approaches Liguus fasciatus floridanus. Others may disagree. (MWJ)

Top row Liguus fasciatus floridanus: This variety of floridanus was a minority form in Pincecrest 19 and is very similar to some specimens of Liguus fasciatus farnumi from Pinecrest 7 and Pinecrest 8. Bottom row left Liguus fasciatus miamiensis: This shell has the characteristic Liguus fasciatus castaneozonatus flecking in the early whorls, otherwise it would be called Liguus fasciatus lineolatus, an allied form. (MWJ)

On occasion, examples of barbouri with a more lavender hue were found in Pinecrest 19.  (MWJ)

Pinecrest Hammock 19