No Name Key

No Name Key

The following are reported from No Name Key:
  • Liguus fasciatus delicatus (plant) 
  •  Liguus fasciatus graphicus (type locality)
  •  Liguus fasciatus innominatus (type locality)
  •  Liguus fasciatus lineolatus (plant)
  • Liguus fasciatus simpsoni (plant)
  • Liguus fasciatus subcrenatus (plant)

Liguus fasciatus graphicus and L. f. innominatus are of the same population. The form names are based entirely on the degree of marking on the base of the shells.

The several Lower Matecumbe Key forms, presumably planted some time ago, are now somewhat distinct from their Lower Matecumbe ancestors.

Liguus fasciatus lineolatus is presumably a plant from Key Largo. (PP)