Key Vaca

Key Vaca

The forms known from Key Vaca Include:

  • Liguus fasciatus aurantius Clench 1929

  • Liguus fasciatus castaneozonatus Pilsbry 1912

  • Liguus fasciatus cingulatus Simpson 1920

  • Liguus fasciatus matecumbensis Pilsbry 1912       

  • Liguus fasciatus luteus Simpson 1920 Type locality

  • Liguus fasciatus marmoratus Pilsbry 1912 Type locality

  • Liguus fasciatus roseatus Pilsbry 1912

  • Liguus fasciatus vacaensis Simpson 1920 Type locality

These forms have long been established on and near Key Vaca and may well predate the Overseas Railroad and modern collecting.

L. f. vacaensis may be almost pure white or strongly banded.

L. f. marmoratus has several phases. A typical phase is shown.

L. f. matecumbensis from Key Vaca probably represent the southern limit of the form.