Anguispira kochi (L. Pfeiffer, 1846) Banded Tigersnail

   Found strewn in leaves on steep slope near Harrison Fork Road - "Kochi Hill", Bullitt Co., Kentucky 9/4/2012. Collected by Lori  Schroeder! The largest specimen measures 29 mm.  Also see:  Anguispira kochi (L. Pfeiffer, 1846) Banded Tigersnail

    The date of Louis Pfeiffer's description of this species is inconsistently cited in scholarly works as well as on the Internet. A search of the latter resource for this species using "kochi Pfeiffer" produced 49 hits for 1821 (when he was a teenager), 46 for 1845, and 0 for 1846. Refining the search to "kochi L. Pfeiffer" elicited 7, 3, and 6 respectively.

 The original description of Helix kochi can be found at <> (bottom of p. 127). I became suspicious of the date of publication when I saw, on the last page (143) of this issue  (<>), mention of the cancellation December 23 [1845] meeting of the Zoological Society. It seemed a bit unlikely that the magazine got into print over the holidays.

  I finally found evidence of the basis for this anachronism (Waterhouse, 1893: 438, bottom L column: <
>): February, 1846 was the publication date for Helix kochi L. Pfeiffer in the PZSL for 1845: <>.

 Note this erroneous "antedating" was epidemic in the mid-nineteenth century, e.g., <> and  <>. In the case of the topical species, even the great master, H.A. Pilsbry (1848: 591), was snookered by it:
> no doubt entraining the Internet proponents of 1845 as the correct date.

    How 1821 entered the mix is presently unexplained, but there must have been some mindless copy-cating, an Internet phenomenon we've witnessed on many other occasions.

Having learned my lesson well, I even felt compelled to verify the publication date of the collation by Waterhouse in a later issue of PZSL (August 1, 1893); see <>, <>, and bibliography below!

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