Brickell Hammock (D)

    Intergrades from form testudineus to form castaneus were found in Brickell Hammock. The biggest factor in distinguishing the two forms is the loss of cogging in castaneus. It is difficult to draw the exact line between the two forms in Brickell Hammock, and there could be lively discussion as to the placement of some of the specimens shown here. These shells all have either a pink tip or a pink tip with a jewel. (MWJ)

Liguus fasciatus castaneus

    Form testudineus from Brickell can be quite variable, but always has the coggings that fork below the white sutural line. Tip color can be white, pink, white with a jewel or pink with a jewel. (MWJ)

Liguus fasciatus testudineus