Tibia serrata (G. Perry, 1811)

    The species Rostellaria serrata G. Perry, 1811 is almost certainly based on an abnormally-developed specimen of a presently-named Recent species.  The type locality ("East Indies") is inaccurate for a large number of Perry's other species and is not to be trusted.

Tibia serrata (G. Perry, 1811)

Perry, G., 1811.  Conchology or the natural history of shells: containing a new arrangement of the genera and species, illustrated by coloured engravings, executed from natural specimens, and including the latest discoveries. William Miller, London pp 1-4 + 61 plates with facing captions (unpaginated) + index (1 p.) [pl. 11, fig 2].

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Tibia serrata (G. Perry, 1811) Tibia serrata (G. Perry, 1811)
From:   Favanne, J. de and J. G de Favanne, 1780 From:   Chemnitz, J. H., 1795

Aberrant Tibia insulaechorab curta (G. B. Sowerby II, 1842)

From:   La Conchiglia, 1977 - Aberrant Tibia insulaechorab curta (G. B. Sowerby II, 1842)